"Artists revive old myths and generate new ones. Because their primary sources are spiritual, nonmaterial, they can have a clearer vision. By the use of myths, artists put society in touch with universal basic questions and feelings we all have about life." -Audrey Flack, Art & Soul
I believe Art is a powerful means of myth-making.  Through the process of making each piece, liminal space is explored and the experience of ritual is manifested.   I invite the viewer to become part of Myth - to wonder, to explore, and to find their own story within my work.

Currently, I am focusing on the intersection of art and magic - in particular both the history and modern practice of Witchcraft.  There has been a re-awakening in recent years regarding the allure and social context of the witch.  It's important to me to go deeper beneath the surface of popular media, beyond the flashy symbols and fashion trends to examine the reality of the experience.  Through it I am relating my own identity and power as a queer, multicultural witch, while connecting with others in this marginal path.

Traditional iconography of witches is most often rooted in etchings and engravings.  With my printmaking background, I'm utilizing the techniques of intaglio to echo those images, while integrating painting and drawing techniques to create new images.  Recycled and reclaimed wood, as well as layered papers give a sense of age as well as natural elements.  Mixing monochromatic images with touches of vibrant color brings together the past and my current experience and visions.

I am influenced by the Tarot, alchemical engravings, the work of Andrew Wyeth, Alberto Giacometti, Frida Kahlo, Alphonse Mucha, Gustav Klimt, Audrey Flack, Edvard Munch, the Symbolists, Rainer Maria Rilke, Alexander McQueen, Chaim Potok, Neil Gaiman, Doreen Valiente, and Brown Bird.
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